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Joshua Farley, President, CEO, & Master Electrician, & Marcus Soto, COO of Redline Electric & Solar have earned the solar industry’s leading recognition of PV Installation Professional from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP®), and are now a NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional~TM.
NABCEP is the most highly respected and well-established national certification organization for renewable energy professionals. Designation as a NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional is widely recognized to be the most important and meaningful certification of its kind in the solar industry. Photovoltaic Solar systems, also commonly known as “PV solar”, are systems that use the sun to convert solar irradiance into usable energy for a variety of uses. Most common applications include standard residential rooftop systems for home electricity usage, offsetting peak demand and utility charges, and advancing energy independence. Additionally, PV solar is used for a multitude of commercial applications. A properly designed and installed PV solar system can result in dramatic reductions in energy costs and positive environmental impact. More and more households, municipalities, and companies are “going solar.” NABCEP is a mark of quality assurance that the consumer can use to know that they are choosing a qualified Contractor.

“Receiving NABCEP’s PV Installation Professional Certification is personally very satisfying,” said Farley. “More importantly it means I can offer our customers the added confidence of knowing that their solar system will be designed and installed to the highest standards in the solar industry.”

To earn their NABCEP certification, Farley & Soto were required to first document relevant education and experience. Then they had to pass a rigorous exam that covers the breadth of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to competently design, install, and maintain a variety of PV solar systems. The exam assesses knowledge on subjects as diverse as analysis of electrical theory, solar irradiance, system design, job site safety, electrical, NEC, roofing, and construction practices, and troubleshooting and maintenance.

“One thing you can be assured of when hiring a NABCEP PV Installation Professional is that your project won’t be their first,” said Richard Lawrence, Executive Director of NABCEP. “Anyone who makes the considerable effort required to earn NABCEP certification has documented their training and experience as part of the eligibility process. They have also made a very real commitment to upholding high standards of ethical and professional practice. I am delighted to welcome Joshua Farley & Marcus Soto of Redline Electric & Solar to the ranks of the industry’s leading solar professionals.”

NABCEP Certified PV Installers

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About Redline Electric & Solar

Redline Electric & Solar, is a full-service electrical & solar contractor serving all of Arizona. Founded in 2009, Joshua Farley took his core beliefs and powerful vision to create something he had never seen before while working in the trades. He continues to be the visionary behind the growth of the company and surrounds himself with an amazing staff of folks who would do anything to help anyone.
Redline commitments to the community are Never Be Without Power & Solar For Every Roof. Its core focus is to Deliver Awesome to its clients. Redline prides itself on serving both commercial and residential clients while staying within its niche of commercial clients with multiple locations. NABCEP certified and with hundreds of PV systems under their belt, you know they will complete your project better than expected!


NABCEP is a non‐profit organization governed by a board of directors consisting of volunteer representatives of the solar industry, NABCEP certificants, renewable energy organizations, state policymakers, educational institutions, and the trades. NABCEP’s mission is to develop and implement quality
credentialing and certification programs for practitioners by supporting and working closely with
stakeholders in the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries. To learn more visit

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